Need Free is excited to provide everyone the opportunity and resources to follow your inspiration to get involved with all the projects we’re working on. Check back to this page often for updates and links!

If you’re interested in any of our projects, please contact us at for more information, or to get involved!


The Need Free SpeedBird: Crowd sourced land speed car It’s as much about the purpose and the progress as it is about the completion. We’re out to show that some incredible things can happen when we all bring our best and work together.


Need Free Endurance Division: “For Sport, For Life, We’re With You”

News and Updates: Life can be tough, but we’re all in it together. So if, you’re working through getting ready for a 10K, a marathon, or even just tough times in life, we’re with you. Join us for tips, advise, and the support you’re looking for.


Audio Podcast: RUNWAY: The podcast for everyone living life’s great adventure! Celebrating 10 years of following your inspiration.


Blog and Personal Financial Coaching: Money’s not everything, but how you manage it can greatly effect how you experience life. Check out Clarissa’s blog for great tips and encouragement for your personal finances. Contact her if you’re needing a little one on one help.


Model Railroad: Generosity Township Community Railroad   Doesn’t everyone think trains and especially model trains are pretty neat? We’re fulfilling a childhood dream, by building an N scale layout here at Need Free headquarters (our house), but why should we have all the fun? Want to join the community? It’s easy! Want a sticker? Just ask. Have ideas about what should go into the layout? We’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s it all about? So, inspired by the story tellers I heard growing up, we’ll be brining you news and updates from the fictitious town of Generosity Township. As the railroad grows, you’ll get to know it’s residents and stay up to date with events and happenings around town. Everyone is welcome. Stay tuned for more!


RUNofNOTES: YouTube video series Music is a pretty important part of our life, and we share great new music on our podcast each month. But beyond that, we’ve begun producing short video clips from places we’ve traveled sharing this music on YouTube as well.











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